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K U T E T S H A   
R E S E A R C H   C A M P 




Kutetsha Research Camp is a Research Center located  in the heart of the Soutpansberg Mountain Range on the family-owned farm, Bergplaatz Forest Sanctuary. The Soutpansberg Mountain Range is a recognised center of floristic diversity and endemism with its strong altitudinal gradients and vegetational varieties such as montane grassland, woodland, thicket and mistbelt forest.

The mountain is home to a vast diversity of species making it an ideal playground for avid researchers and nature enthusiasts.

The extensive list of species includes the following:

  • 19 scorpion species

  • 133 ant species

  • 140 reptile species

  • 152 mammal species - which includes a dense population of African leopards who prowl silently through the undergrowth of the Mist belt forests of the Soutpansberg. 

  • 309 butterfly species

  • 542 recorded bird species

We strive to offer world-class research projects in Ecology, Conservation and Sustainable Development to students, volunteers and research teams from foreign countries, local universities and from local disadvantaged communities. 

Kutesha Research Center is suitable for undergraduate research interns, volunteers and post graduate students (Masters or Ph.D.).

A Research Manager will assist in structuring the research projects based on your field of interest and educational background. 

For further enquiries please contact us at 

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